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04 May 2010

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VIDEO: Editors – “Eat Raw Meat”

“Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool,” the third of three singles we’ve heard from Editors’ new album, makes a convincing case that the British indie rockers have decided to make like Adam Smith and take the industrial route. Now we have evidence: their new video for said single, which, with a strong carnival feel, pits their […]

26 April 2010

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VIDEO: Twin Sister – “There’s Something About Us”

That we’re having trouble understanding in real time. This past weekend, Ian Perlman caught them playing on a rooftop in Bushwick and not in the back of their van. We’re happy he did,  since we wasted our weekend catching up on Z’s, we missed the above cover of Daft Punk’s “There’s Something About Us” a clip […]

26 April 2010

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VIDEO: M.I.A. – “Born Free” (NSFW)

Because it’s the opposite of safe to watch it there. This Romain Gravras-directed clip is one of the more upsetting/thoughtful videos that’s come along in a while. All depends on how well you can stomach violence, nudity, strong language, ethnic profiling and/or all of the above. Watch it above or over at MIA’s web home.

21 April 2010

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Thom Yorke & Atoms For Peace Cover Joy Division

Specifically “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. At Oakland’s Fox Theater last night. The audio/visual quality is a little iffy but one can’t help but notice that they’re totally locked-in in a way the other 7,623 bands that cover this song simply can’t be. Also, remember that one time Radiohead covered New Order’s “Ceremony” during those […]

06 April 2010

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VIDEO: The Gossip – ‘Pop Goes The World’

We knew The Gossip had superpowers cause like duh, but now that they’ve gone fully discopunk they have acquired the ability to transport themselves and their instruments into the Matrix (nee: Tron) and play amongst a load of neon tubes. Then they explode! It’s crazy! Watch out for the scary guys with the scary eyes! […]

23 March 2010

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VIDEO: YACHT – “The Afterlife”

This feels like a big, electronic shout out to The Causey Way. Also, Christian fundamentalists and/or cults.

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