19 July 2010

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Cut Copy Is A Band Of The People

Kind of like The Tripwire, if The Tripwire were a band and not your favorite website. Listen to this!

26 April 2010

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VIDEO: Twin Sister – “There’s Something About Us”

That we’re having trouble understanding in real time. This past weekend, Ian Perlman caught them playing on a rooftop in Bushwick and not in the back of their van. We’re happy he did,  since we wasted our weekend catching up on Z’s, we missed the above cover of Daft Punk’s “There’s Something About Us” a clip […]

21 April 2010

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Listen to the New LCD Soundsystem Record in All Its Glory

Besides the obvious, what’s great about this is that you can’t skip tracks. You have to listen to the WHOLE enchilada. A little uneven overall, but opener “Dance Yrself Clean” is the kind of night-changing track Murphy was born to create. Hear This Is Happening in its entirety over at the LCD website. Buy it […]

05 April 2010

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No Joke, BRAHMS Remixes Neon Indian

Confession: we belabored over writing a clever version of the BRAHMS the band/Brahms the composer joke expressly for this post. But instead of just zoning out and constructing a healthy dose of Tripwire tomfoolery to pass on our knowledge to you, we just kept hitting rewind on this remix of the title track from Neon […]

11 March 2010

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LISTEN: Neon Indian’s “Sleep Paralysist”

“Sleep Paralysist” is the new single Mr. Alan Palomo just let loose into the cyberwild today via the Mountain Dew-fueled Green Label Sound imprint. It’s also a stunner, featuring as fully-realized and tasty a hook as any of Psychic Chasms‘ very best moments. Do the Dew below.

10 March 2010

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Stream Free Energy’s LP in Full

From a post on our brother (not sister!) site TheFADER.com that went live just moments ago:
Pressing play on this stream garnered, within two seconds of the first riff, “Yes! Yes, Schnipper! Yes!” from a FADER editor. That editor is now singing along under his breath. Don’t think he knows he’s doing it, either—dude is ordering […]

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