Audrey Napoleon’s ‘Sex Tape Vol. 3’, ‘Bitchy Queen’

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Audrey’s guest DJ set from a couple of weeks ago was so well-received, I had to throw this out here so you can get a taste of the new-new. She’s been super-busy and just returned from overseas, and dropped these little nuggets courtesy of her web site. HIGHLY recommended…

Fresh off the plane from London Fashion Week where she performed at the Maddox Fashion Week and Elite Models events,AUDREY NAPOLEON has made available her newest single “Bitchy Queen” (SQE Music) accompanied by the second chapter of her “tease” short film series with director Nicole McDonald (Marilyn Manson’s “Doppleherz”).

A playful electro-house track, AUDREY’s “Bitchy Queen” follows the video series debut “Banana Soda es Muy Loca” and is available as a free download at http://www.facebook.com/AudreyNapoleon.

Also a must have from AUDREY is the third installment of her popular SEXTAPE mix series.  Specially mixed by AUDREY,SEXTAPE V3 includes “Bitchy Queen” as well as her current favorite cuts by Cirez D, Jordan Rivera, Stefano Nofernini, Blacktron and more.  The mix can be downloaded at:  http://www.facebook.com/AudreyNapoleon?sk=app_178091127385


The complete track listing for SEXTAPE V3 is:

1. Exit (Original Mix) – Cirez D
2. The Spiritual (Original Mix) – Kontak
3. Bitchy Queen (Original MIx) – Audrey Napoleon
4. Obcesion (Phunk Investigation Remix) – Jordan Rivera
5. Get Down (Tony Arzadon Remix) – Antoine Clamaran
6. Sauna (Dani Sbert Remix) – Swallen
7. Burujava (Original Vibes Mix) – Stefano Noferini
8. Mindspace (Avrosse Remix) – Marco P
9. C O O L (Original Mix) – Nick Kennedy, Torren Foot
10. Boobass (Peter Gelderblom Remix) – Blacktron

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