Episode 170 – Sharam Jey

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Good times on the live-tweet and Facebook interaction on this show – makes the time fly right by 😉 Here’s the complete playlist…

Action Man – “Your Prayers Won’t Save You Now”
Green Velvet – “Millie Vanillie (Quentin Harris Reproduction)”
Cazwell & Peaches – “Unzip Me”
Avicii – “Levels”
Wazabi – “Shogun (Sharam Jey Remix)
Lazy Rich – “You Missed A Spot”
The Bloody Beetroots – “Church of Noise (Congorock Remix)”

Tesla Boy – “In Your Eyes”
Eligh & Amplive – “Stethoscope”
Now In Stereo – “Away (Slaughterbrains Remix)”
Lowe – “Breathe In Breathe Out”
Goose – “The Cast Of Cheers”

Thievery Corppration – “Fragments”

Special Guest DJ Sharam Jey Part I

Special Guest DJ Sharam Jey Part II

Noisia – “Could This Be”
Break – “Hot Love”
Camo & Krooked – “Cross The Line (Metrik Remix)”
Kooky vs Pat Fulgoni – “Giving Up On Love (Mightiness DnB Remix)”

Labrinth – “Earthquake”

Episode 170 – Sharam Jey


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