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Ok folks… Beatport got the ball rolling by donating 100% of net proceeds today to Japan disaster relief via the American Red Cross. Jay Haze, Seth Troxler, and a host of others continue the cause through Red Dot Relief. Fans, artists, and promoters are urged to assist. Press release follows…

Rebuilding Japan together
Direct Donation via Peaceboat: Donate directly here
(state on purpose – ‘Tohoku Kanto Earthquake-Music’)

The current situation of the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear plants is in a way the most severe crisis in the 65 years since World War II.” Naoto Kan, Japanese Prime Minister
What is Red Dot Relief?

It is a group of artists and supporters of the dance music community who are asking YOU to compare those factors mentioned above and to make magic happen!! Red Dot Relief is a call to action across the dance music community in a bid to raise money and spread awareness of the disaster stricken regions of Japan. Spearheaded by Visionquest (Seth Troxler) & Friends alongside the Tuning Spork Efforts Team we are trying to influence others to follow and donate whatever they can to the disaster fund by involving not only artists but the wider community in this cause including event organisers, promoters, club owners, clubbers, agencies, music labels and the supporting press.

For our Red Dot Relief proposal and full details please click here

On behalf of the people of Japan – we are asking you, the dance music community to help us raise funds, awareness and emergency relief for Japan.

With many thanks – Visionquest, Crosstown Rebels and the Tuning Spork team…

About Peace Boat

Peace Boat is a Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment.  For more information on Peace Boat, please click here .

Red Dot Relief has chosen to work alongside Peace Boat not only because of their direct routes within Japan, but because of Jay Haze’s previous experiences alongside Peace Boat.  In February 2011 Jay was invited to take part on a Peace Voyage with Peace Boat as a lecturer and activist. He spent 12 days with them and went from Peru, crossed the Panama border and reached Colombia!

About Jay Haze, Visionquest and Crosstown Rebels

Many dj’s and dance acts worldwide describe Japan as one of their favourite destinations due to their never dying support for dance music and their warmth towards people.  Seth Troxler’s relationship to the nation goes further as on a personal level he has been trying to support his fiancee’s family in the country of Japan torn by such a disaster.  Being touched by such tragedy he decided to take it further using his influence and ability to explore this world through music.  It then made sense to join forces with the Tuning Spork Efforts Team which not only share the same interests, but were in the process of setting up aid for Japan as Jay Haze’s experience in the field of social efforts linked to music spans over ten years.  Jay has been an active charity worker since he was 18, having run projects like the Djs4DC for the women and children in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo raising a staggering €100,000, and more recently alongside Isis Salvaterra they did ‘Toys & Needs’, an effort to raise money for the children and families of the slums across South America.

As a result, Visionquest’s Seth Troxler and the Crosstown Rebels crew, Jay and the Tuning Spork team created Red Dot Relief. The project is actively being managed by Seth Troxler, Jay Haze and Isis Salvaterra.  In only a very short three days, awareness has been created extensively just through social networking.  In just two days Red Dot Relief’s website has been posted over 1500 times on Facebook alone and it is with much delight that we, the dance music community are showing what we are capable of by coming together; promoters, artists and people from all over the world are making contact to take part.

Seth Troxler spoke to Resident Advisor about Red Dot Relief last week – read here!

How can you help?

If you are an artist…
  • Help us promote this effort via your social networking websites, mailing lists and most importantly word of mouth (talking has been proven to still be the most effective way to exchange ideas and turn them into reality).
  • We would then ask you to donate a part of your artist fee from a particular event (to take part in this effort we suggest a minimum donation of 10% of your average fee).
If you are a promoter or venue/club/lounge…
  • We would like to ask you to allow a team of volunteers to spread fund collection buckets around your venue/party.
  • Clearly display the Red Dot around your venue to show that you support this effort. (We have digital assets upon request).
  • Suggest to your artists and their agents prior to the event participating and donating to the cause (minimum of 10% as previously suggested).
  • All promotional material related to the event should bear the red dot for this cause to spread awareness about this project and maximise exposure to your audience which is key to making the project more successful.
If you are a label/agency/clubber…
  • There are many ways of getting involved such as making a direct donation as a business or as a civilian; influence your friends and family to do the same and get involved by helping spread the word via all communication means available to you.


Direct Donation via Peaceboat: Donate directly here

(state on purpose – ‘Tohoku Kanto Earthquake-Music’)

Every human being in this planet is born with an innate ability to help other people in some way.  The trick lies in practice.  It’s usually easier and more rewarding than you might have expected.  The world is full of people in need. Get out there! Ask questions! Find a problem you can help with.  This is not the time for alienating yourself when…We all know the future is about connectivity and we all have something to learn from one another.  IT’S TIME TO CONNECT!


Jamie Jones making a Red Dot Relief donation @ Verboten Visionquest Showcase – March 20th
Photo Credit: Cheyenne Bosco Photography
Visionquest (Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves & Lee Curtiss) @ Verboten Visionquest Showcase – March 20th
Photo Credit: Cheyenne Bosco Photography
Current participating members of the dance music community for Red Dot Relief
Jay Haze
Crosstown Rebels
Bullitt Bookings
Cesar Merveille
Chris Lattner
Claus Voigtmann
Clive Henry
Colourful Sessions
Colours In Music
Craig Richards
Crosstown Rebels
Damian Lazarus
Dan Ghenacia
Deniz Kurtel
Dyed Soundorom
Elysium Lounge
Exstatic Sounds
Flawless Sound
Freak Farm
Jamie Jones
Konrad Black
Lee Foss
Maceo Plex
Maouris pr
Matt Tolfrey
Move D
Plexi PR
Richy Ahmed
Robert James
Russ Yallop
Simmer London
Soul Clap
Sud Electronic
Tuning Spork



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