X-Press 2 deliver three remixes of Hakan Lidbo’s ‘My Mind Is Walking’ to celebrate SOUNDZ 50th release!

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The 50th release on the SOUNDZ label is being marked by a stunning track My Mind Is Walking, complete with an extra special remix package. X-Press 2 have delivered no less than 3 different interpretations of Hakan Lidbo’s ‘My Mind Is Walking’ with the distinctive Melpo Mene on vocals. We spoke to Hakan and Rocky from X-Press 2 about the track, which is already well on the way to being one of SOUNDZ biggest releases to date…

X-Press 2 (Rocky)

Where did you first encounter ‘My Mind Is Walking’, and how did the decision to remix it three times come about?

We were sent the track early with the view to mixing it and we all loved it straight away. Melpo’s quirky vocal immediately appealed to us. We initially started out doing our main mix and got to a point of writing a bass part when we came up with this odd 2/4 time part that didn’t really sit with the version we were doing. We really liked the sound though so rather than discard it we decided to build another mix around that vibe. Then the Stripped Bear mix was kind of a dub/vocal that we wanted to do as a more tracky version of our full vocal.

What direction/approach is the X-Press 2 sound taking at the moment and why?

We just do what we do and always have done. Obviously we are influenced by stuff around us, ie. new house tracks by other artists. Our sound is just a natural thing, there’s no rhyme or reason to it.

Where can we hear you (as X-Press 2 or individually) playing this track in the coming weeks and months?

We’re all over the place this summer, with some key dates including Privilege in Ibiza in June, Glade Festival in the UK on 17th July and back at Privilege for the Warung party on August 18th.


Hakan Lidbo

Tell us a bit about the vocal on the track. How did it come about?

I met Melpo Mene through our common publisher and we realized that we had many things in common musically. So we hooked up and this is the song and melody he wrote to my beat.

What do you feel the new remixes bring to the track?

I love the remixes. X-Press 2 brought out something new in the song that I never thought of. I like the abstract, dubby, psyched out beats really works with the slightly hallucinogenic feel of the lyrics and the vocal style.

You’ve released a wide range of different music, where does this track fit in your personal playlist?

Somewhere in the middle, I guess. I’ve made much more obscure tracks but also tracks that are even more uplifting and poppy. However this track has a unique, timeless pop quality, something that I always appreciate. I hope the DJs and music lovers will fell the same.

What are you up to gig/production wise in the coming months?

Preparing a music festival in Sweden I’m involved with called voltfestivalen, and doing my weekly radio show on national Swedish Radio. Then there’s a series of remixes and production of my own music. I’m working on a full album with different female guest vocalists on every track. And I’m releasing my first iPad game in a week or two. It’s called Xoiiox and it’s a strategic board game and a musical instrument at the same time. Something nobody’s done before. I can’t wait to get hold of an iPad myself so I can start to play!

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