big summer for l.a. dance music


The cats over at DANCEBLOGGA published this little feature complete with some jaw-dropping income numbers for an unnamed top-tier DJ…

Los Angeles Times music editor Randall Roberts takes a look at the big summer that’s shaping up for L.A. dance music, including Electric Daisy Carnival, which last year claimed 135,000 attendees over two days, and the summer Hard festival, which promoter Gary Richards indicates has a capacity this year of 27,000. “I think it’s always a little shocking to people when they realize how big the scene is, how big it’s been and how long it’s been around,” KCRW music director Jason Bentley tells Roberts.

Dance music booster Will.i.am says the scene is popping and that he knows one DJ who made $20 million in gigs alone last year (Tiesto?): “”A DJ can make $500,000 a year and never put out a record and the song doesn’t play on the radio,” Mr. I.am says.
[Photo of EDC 09 by Drew Ressler/insomniac.com].

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