Thom Yorke & Atoms For Peace Cover Joy Division

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I wish the audio was better on this clip, but watching Thom Yorke channel Ian Curtis is riveting. Thanks due to the Tripwire for making this available last week. I wonder if it made his Coachella set list?

Specifically “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. At Oakland’s Fox Theater last night. The audio/visual quality is a little iffy but one can’t help but notice that they’re totally locked-in in a way the other 7,623 bands that cover this song simply can’t be. Also, remember that one time Radiohead covered New Order’s “Ceremony” during those In Rainbows studio sessons? If he includes it on his Coachella setlist this coming Sunday you’re all getting donuts in the mail from us. Celebratory, beer-flavored donuts.

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