Tripwire: We’re Trying To Use A Phrase Other Than OMFUG To Explain Our Excitement For The CBGB Graphic Novel

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Though not necessarily a dance music story, one of the most fabled venues in ALL of music looks to be immortalized in comic/graphic novel form. The Tripwire has the details below…


Thankfully (for our sake and yours), it looks like far too much earnest hard work was put into the project’s preview for this to be an April Fool’s inbox leftover.

A graphic novel seems an ideal format to explore the fabled CBGB’s. For one, the venue often seemed larger than life. Secondly, it seems as though a large combination of writers and artists are using this project to both pay tribute to the venue’s legacy and satirize its scene and infamy all in one, leaving the impression that even in vignette form this could end up being a pretty comprehensive and fascinating take on the old digs.As you might expect given the notoriety of the subject matter, artists and writers for this project were not exactly in limited supply. Legendary artist Jamie Hernandez did the cover art. He is joined on the project by Ana Matronic and Chuck BB, among many others. The graphic novel is being released on the BOOM! Town imprint of Boom! Studios, will be released in full graphic novel form in November. And for the less patient among us, there will also be a four-issue mini-series available in comic book stores come July.

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