No Joke, BRAHMS Remixes Neon Indian

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Nifty Tripwire link to BRAHMS remix of SXSW breakout star Neon Indian…

NeonIndianGLS4Confession: we belabored over writing a clever version of the BRAHMS the band/Brahms the composer joke expressly for this post. But instead of just zoning out and constructing a healthy dose of Tripwire tomfoolery to pass on our knowledge to you, we just kept hitting rewind on this remix of the title track from Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasm. BRAHMS’ warm spin on the already-laid-back track is enchanting, most especially while we’re celebrating what we hope is a permanent bout of warm weather in New York. It’s close to impossible to think about much else when you’re listening to a song about rolling waves and colored haze reworked into a beach blanket bingo vibe. It speaks for itself—no quips or cunning required.

Neon Indian, Psychic Chasms (BRAHMS Remix)

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