VIDEO: Yeasayer – “O.N.E”

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Great new video from hipster darlings Yeahsayer, with an equally hilarious descriptor provided by The Tripwire

From the mouth of David Bevan, as overheard 4 days after this video’s premiere:

“You know what this video actually feels like? It feels like Terminator 2 mixed with the Teenage Ninja Turtles Movie. You know how Shredder had that hang out for youths and they would come and breakdance and skateboard and play video games and do things that the turtles would totally be into. Especially the cool colors. Shredder would come over and be like ‘mmm yes. foot soldiers.’ No one realized that they were just going to be recruited for this anti-turtles army. What was shredder trying to accomplish anyway? We don’t even know. That’s the really scary thing about ninja turtles: it’s not like shredder ever said let’s blow some shit up he just vaguely hated the turtles by association because he hated Splinter. Wait, where was I? We never really ever got the impression that Shredder was actually a bad dude, like he was a villain but not really a bad dude. It wasn’t like he was giving drugs to the youths, he was simply creating a hang out for kids to keep them off the street and out of trouble. So I’m not sure the ninja turtles were ever really like…good guys. They were just turtles who happened to speak our language: cowabunga, babezilla, and they ate their pizza with two fingers. And that is our favorite food. What I’m saying is, Yeasayer is basically playing a show in Shredder’s youth hang out 30 years after the turtles cleaned it out. They’re singing into crystal balls and playing crystal instruments and it’s all really funny and they look really good doing it. They’re just picking up where shredder left off. I want to also point out that this song is really good and it would sound perfectly at home if you heard it in the first Ninja Turtles movie. So it’s actually not all that out there. We’ve seen this before, it just jams harder the second time. I want to say one last thing and that’s that Splinter was wise but he was a dick.”

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