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We know, you’re probably scratching your head. But we’d have to agree — in context. Alexandra Le Tellier at the Los Angeles Times-based publication Brand X has a rundown of the nightlife trends to watch for in 2010, and chief among them is good old fashioned house music. Of course, she’s speaking of sounds for the velvet-rope world of the more-exclusive Hollywood bottle-service scene (although Le Tellier says that too is changing).

She writes that hip-hop (B.E.P., et. al.) has taken the lead and immersing club-goers in more up-tempo, more-electronic beats, and that now “club-goers can’t get enough.” (I witnessed this recently on what I thought was a non-dance night at Hollywood hot-spot Playhouse, which was filled with the sounds of commercial-remix house. People — and I’m really talking rich, young, and white people here — were going off).

” … This shift marks the end of an era” of what DJ Zen Freeman calls “the forefront DJs,” she writes: “Z Trip, Mark Ronson and the late Adam Goldstein (better known as AM), who dominated the A-list club scene concepting hip-hop and rock mash-ups in the 2000s.”

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