Attack Of The Clones: DOOM No-Shows Chicago MosDOOM Gig, Sends Impostor

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Fake Shore Drive reports that the scene at last Saturday’s MosDOOM show, featuring Mos Def and (formerly MF) DOOM took an ugly turn after an obvious impostor took the stage under the mad villain’s trademark metal mask and proceeded to lip-sync several DOOM cuts. Fans, visibly upset at being duped by the stand-in, littered the stage with bottles and trash. This scene has played out on several occasions as far back as 2007, at both solo shows and festivals. It’s become such a regular occurrence that fans have coined the phrases “DOOM-bots” and “DOOM-posters” to refer to the lip-sync performances.

Reaction to DOOM’s apparent apathy towards his fans has lead to the organization of a Facebook protest group called “Boycott MF DOOM”. The wall posts for that group make for a very interesting read. A semi-official statement from Cold Grums Inc, the event promoter, indicated that  they had no hard evidence of any shenanigans, and that an investigation is forthcoming with possible legal action to follow. The official statement from Cold Grums Inc reads “I’ve seen the blame for the Mos Def/MF Doom being thrown around, but I will say this: You cannot blame the promoters for the supposed fake DOOM! How is the promoters fault, if legal contracts were signed from DOOM’s camp stating that the actual Daniel Dumile was going to perform? In my opinion, they covered their ass [II] then and there. The blame falls solely on DOOM’s camp (in my opinion), and they should be held responsible. The promoters from Cold Grums Inc. are 100% legit and have a great track record of booking shows in Chicago. I’m just saying.”

I was planning on attending this show, and was warned off by the Mudkids’ Rusty Redenbacher based on DOOM’s history. All I know is I would have been furious to make the Indy-Chicago trip to get ganked like that. Check the following video and make your own decisions…


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