SIRIUS/XM drops “Subsoniq”, “Afromentals” underground hip hop programs

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News is starting to trickle in regarding the apparent cancellation of both the “Subsoniq” and “Afromentals” programs on the SIRIUS/XM satellite radio service, dealing a severe blow to fans of underground and progressive hip hop. No official statement from SIRIUS/XM has been made public.

“Subsoniq” ran for seven years on XMU (XM channel  43) and Backspin ( XM channel 65), and was suddenly pulled from the satellite channel’s programming lineup last night with no explanation. “Subsoniq” was a breath of fresh air on satellite radio, giving exposure and air time to a litany of hip hop’s most creative stars. During their tenure, they interviewed heavyweight MCs, DJs an d producers, such as Talib, Common, KRS-One, Mos Def, and more. They also sponsored Afrika Bambaata and DJ Spinna’s ” Red Bull Sub-Sessions”, featuring the best underground, progressive, and classic hip-hop.

DJ Jamad’s “Afromentals” mix show on Hip Hop Nation (SIRIUS channel 40) was a force in showing that underground could rock alongside main stream, and with a very “open-format” style that incorporated dance, rock, and electronica into the fold.

Fans of both shows are encouraged to seek out the Subsoniq Facebook Page and express their feelings to SIRIUS/XM brass.

Ona  personal note, this comes as very shocking news, as the subscription model pitched by SIRIUS/XM promised more variety in the types and styles of music being presented. With no fewer than 3 channels dedicated to hip hop on the network, it’s appalling to think that 5 hours of underground/left-of-center hip hop cannot be programmed in that environment. Fans if underground music of all types should take note when their subscriptions are due for renewal.

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